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Celebrating our Caregivers

    September 14, 2017 Lorita George

    Celebrating the dedication and service of our Caregivers (PCAs).  A luncheon in Phoeniz, AZ. 

    Achievement is something that gives us the inspiration and motivation to strive to succeed at what we apply ourselves to. Our ability to apply our knowledge in areas of opportune to advance ourselves to serve and be instrumental in life is one great achievement to obtain.

    Sometimes recognition for achievement is something we “take with a grain of salt”.  For in this role of caregiving, we rely and put to practice the knowledge acquired through familial generations.

    Caring, in human nature is innate, but only through diligent learning and practice does this ability transcend to be served with dignity, integrity and respect.

    Here at Soaring Eagles Home Care, our team exemplifies the essence and ethos of “Honoring Those We Serve”. Our service to our clients are upheld in love, revere, and compassion. Love shown through the commitment and dedication to working everyday rain or shine. Reverence of our clients in upholding the recognition of their contribution to who we are and what we can be. Compassion in addressing their care and comfort needs while in their own homes.

    I proudly recognize the tireless efforts of my team in continuing to deliver quality service to our Arizona and New Mexico clients. Thank you, Soaring Eagles Home Care, for all your hard work in “Honoring Those We Serve”.

    Luncheon to celebrate the hard work and dedication of my caregivers 7/21/17- Phoenix Corp Office



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