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Respect is essential in “Honoring Those We Serve”.

    September 14, 2017 Lorita George

    August Gila River Indian Community Elderly Concerns Meeting

    Concerns voiced and addressed in the recent meetings have been of current events in the community and state wide that affect the Gila River Indians.

    Sustainable housing for the elderlies, disabled and veterans. Evaluation of school systems on the reservations to ensure that the children are getting the best in education and increased test scores. Youth programs in communities to help educate, train and prepare the youths of today to be equipped to provide for themselves. Drought concerns that effect both the people and animals, domestic and wild.

    Among all the concerns, “Respect”, is revealed most through the concerns voiced at the meeting. Concern for a healthy home that meets the needs of the elderly, the disabled, and the Veterans of the community because they are respected.

    The concern for the education of the Indian children in the community and the youth to be prepared in taking responsibilities for their future through training, because they are learning about being respectful. Concern for the drought that effect the people and animals wild and domestic, because Mother Earth and all creatures are respected.

    The privilege and honor to be invited into the community of the proud people of Akimel O’otham and Pee Posh, people who have survived the harsh southwest desert for hundreds of years and share a meal after the meetings and continue sharing concerns is enlightening.

    Respect is essential in “Honoring Those We Serve”.

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